DHS Adoption

Helping Children Find a Safe Home in Oklahoma

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An adoption through the Department of Human Services (DHS) can be more complicated than other adoptions. The children that go through this process may have experienced abuse or neglect, leading to additional legal processes. Van Meter Law Office, P.C. in Norman, OK offers DHS adoption assistance all over Oklahoma. Melisa Van Meter will help you and your child through this process to help them get into a stable, healthy home environment.

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Caring for children during the adoption process

Caring for children during the adoption process

Every child deserves a loving home, and DHS adoptions can provide those homes. During the adoption process, Melisa Van Meter focuses on taking care of the child. She does this by:

  • Prioritizing the child's comfort
  • Protecting the child as much as possible
  • Streamlining the adoption process whenever possible

Melisa Van Meter's main goal is to help the child get into a comfortable, safe and loving home as easily and as quickly as possible. Call 405-329-2233 now if you need DHS adoption assistance from an experienced attorney.