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About Van Meter Law Office, P.C.

Helping create families, one miracle at a time

Since 1991, Van Meter Law Office, P.C. has worked to ensure that the best interests of all children are protected. Melisa Van Meter, our lead attorney, began her career working more generally in family law. She continually found herself drawn to being an advocate for the children in the cases she was involved in. There are too many situations where what is best for the child is ignored, so Melisa made it her goal to make sure that they receive the full consideration they deserve. A negative childhood can shape the rest of that child's life in ways that can be so destructive, while being raised in a loving and stable environment can help put a child on a path that allows them to build a satisfying and happy life.

Our law firm has focused exclusively on adoption and guardianships since 2001. By doing so, we feel that we're making the greatest impact in the lives of children who need to be placed with parents who can provide for them and welcome them with open arms. When children are in need, we can help.

As an adoptive mother herself, Melisa has an in-depth knowledge of the adoption process. Her extensive experience allows her to understand what all three sides of the process are going through - the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child. Melisa uses that experience and those perspectives to help her create the smoothest path toward a successful adoption for everyone involved.

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Adoption in Oklahoma

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